Woman Up!

Woman Up! Series 3 Episode 8 - Lauren Craig 'Social Media Shyness and Cultural Futurism'

October 06, 2021 Desperate Artwives Season 3 Episode 8
Woman Up!
Woman Up! Series 3 Episode 8 - Lauren Craig 'Social Media Shyness and Cultural Futurism'
Show Notes

Lauren Craig (She/her/hers) is a social-media shy, internet-curious cultural futurist based in London. Her practice draws on her experiences as an artist, curator, researcher, birth/death doula and celebrant. She has founded and directed five creative organisations with a background in ethical, social and environmental entrepreneurship and reproductive justice. 

Her practice moves with slow depth between performance, installation, art writing, moving image and photography. Through archival socialisation, she elevates lived experience as a tool for reframing past and present underexposed narratives. Through collaborative live engagement Craig invites us to presence conditions for ethical cultural memory.

Craig's current project Rendering Experience takes a revisionist approach to Maud Sulter's book Passion: Discourses on Blackwomen's Creativity (1990), investigating the art historical legacy, impact and potential curatorial futures inspired by this formative yet overlooked text. Passion has featured in previously co-curated exhibitions The Rita Keegan Archive (Project) (RKAP) at South London Gallery, (2020) Show and Tell, The Women's art Library (2015). Forthcoming works, publications and events include collaborations with Feminist Review, Photofusion, Eastside Projects, The Womens' Art Library and Arts Catalyst. 

She is a member of RKAP, a social history and curatorial collective whose activities include the publication Mirror Reflecting Darkly, MIT Press and Goldsmiths May 2021 and exhibition Between There and Here at South London Gallery in September 2021 and.

She has an MA in Enterprise and Management for Creative Arts from the University of the Arts London. Craig will continue her practice-based research as part of Syllabus VI 2020/21 and the Royal College of Art 2021/22.

1) Lauren mentions the British Art Network initially (around the 13:17min mark and again at 19:07min), but then referred to them ongoing as British Artwork, rather than the complete title British Art Network. 
2)  At 13:07 and 13:36 when Lauren mentions "Women's Work Project", she meant to say "Group Work in the Women's Art Library"